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Cover for smoother sailing

Great boat insurance keeps you afloat when you need it. Our policies come with a range of benefits and optional extras that give you the confidence you’re covered.

And when you’re with us, your boat – whether that’s your runabout, personal watercraft, trailer sailer, small sailboat, launch/cruiser or yacht* – is covered, on and off the water.

*Policy terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and underwriting criteria apply.

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Here’s a few benefits to look forward to – find out more about what we cover in the table below.

Lay-up cover

Not using your boat? Don’t pay like you are. Enjoy reduced rates as long as your boat is stowed away.

Missing recreational equipment cover

Fishing or diving gear missing in action? If it’s on your boat or in use, we'll help cover the loss.

No claims bonus

Haven’t had a claim with us (or another insurer) in the last year? You’ve earned yourself a discount on your premium.

We provide cover for unexpected events.
Find out more about what we cover

Take a look at the features that are included in our boat insurance, plus some of the optional extras.

Note: this is just a summary. Check out the full policy documents for all the details.

  • Accidental Loss

    Boat or gear missing? We’ll cover the lowest of the market value or the total value your boat is insured for.

  • Multi location cover

    We provide cover for damage that happens to your boat – whether it happens on land, on water, in storage or on its trailer.

  • Fire and theft cover

  • 3 year replacement from new

    Insured your boat from new? If you make a claim and we call it a total loss, we’ll replace it with a new boat of the same make and model.

  • Up to 5 year replacement value for boat motor

    We’ll pay for new mechanical and electrical components of your damaged motor if it is five years old or less.

  • Emergency rescue and emergency repairs

    If you ever need to be rescued, we’ll reimburse reasonable costs, after an accepted claim for damage to your boat. This includes costs of your rescue, like getting your boat to a place of safety, emergency repairs and transport to a repairer.

    Yes Up to $25,000
  • Key and locks lost or stolen

    Yes Up to $1,000
  • Social yacht racing cover

    Social racers’ boats are covered during a race. This includes yachts, trailer sailers or off-beach yachts.

  • Replacement boat cover

    We’ll temporarily cover any boat you purchase to replace your boat that was previously insured under this policy for up to 14 days.

    *Subject to current local availability.

  • Marina liability

    We’ll cover you for legal liability up to $5,000,000 depending on the terms and conditions of your lease or agreement with your berth/storage facility.

  • Transport and accommodation costs

    After we’ve accepted your claim, we’ll reimburse reasonable costs of fixing damage that happened to your boat while heading home. We’ll also pay for you to travel to collect your boat from the repairer.

  • Water skiing

    Yes Limits apply
  • Emergency equipment restoration

    We can help replenish, replace or repack emergency equipment that has been used by you following damage to your boat once we’ve accepted your claim.

  • Optional benefits

  • Recreational equipment cover

    Missing gear? We’ll cover loss to your recreational equipment while it’s on your boat or in use. This includes fishing gear, diving equipment and water ski equipment.

    Yes Optional $5,000 or $10,000
  • Lay-up cover

    If you keep your boat stored over winter, you’ll pay a reduced premium for the period your boat is not in use*.

    *Eligibility criteria applies.

  • Boat trailer cover

    We’ll pay for loss to the registered and warranted boat trailer listed on your certificate of insurance.

How to make a claim

Making a claim is easy. Just fill out an online claim form and we’ll take it from there.

  • The event
  • You claim online
  • We do our stuff
  • You get your settlement